How Tuwani MCA was shut down by Kwanza MP before the public.

    Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi.Photo:filed

    The unschooled speech by the Tuwani MCA brought him in trouble before the security bosses in charge of Rift Valley among other respected guests at Kitale Posta ground.

    This happened after the MCA was recognized by the Trans Nzoia County Assembly majority leader but instead of addressing the occasion with reasonable points, he attacked the Kwanza Constituency MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi on the new MP’s allowances.

    The first person to shut his mouth was his colleague representing Bidii Ward Hon.Peter Waswa who told his Tuwani colleague to focus on developments in his Ward and stop the drama that will not assist his electorates. Waswa said the MP has his Kwanza people who will judge him come 2022.

    A section of locals were happy as he was shut down on developments.

    After the MP stood, he slapped the MCA again with ‘’words of mouth’’ that what has he done in his Tuwani Ward with 20million shillings he receives for development? He challenged the MCA to stop making unnecessary frequent trips to Kisumu in the name of committee meetings to get fatty allowances while Kitale has more good facilities for meetings.

    ‘’My friend let me educate you, you cannot compare Tuwani Ward with a constituency where we received different needs every day from our electorates’’ he paused.


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