Kitale: County urged to create counseling center’s to reduce high rate of those committing suicide.

    Rate of those committing suicide have increased in Trans Nzoia.

    The Improve Families Health Consortium  (IFACO) NGO Chief Executive Officer James Omaria has challenged the County government of Trans Nzoia to create counseling centers and make them operational in the department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism that will help reduce the
    skyrocketing number of individuals committing suicide in the county.

    Omaria who spoke to media in Kitale said in the past one week four people have lost their lives due to stress caused by among them relationships where in Cheranganyi a woman killed a man, one committed suicide in Kiungani same to Kapomboi Ward and Lurambi in Birunda where
    a bishop hanged himself.

    Omaria said it’s the highest time for the docket to wake up and create counseling centers that might assist reduce the rate of people killing one another. He said the docket has also failed to setup Gender Based Violet center (GBV) praising the Police officers who are working extra
    hard to deal with violence cases.

    Omaria also questioned the same docket on relief program that’s supposed to benefit the old needy people in the society saying the needy people are not benefiting from the program. Omaria said the
    department is supposed to buy maize, blanket, sugar, beans, rice among others things for the needy people but nothing has been done since 2017.

    He challenged the CEC Agree Chemonges why the department has failed to follow up and recover loans given to Women and Youth groups including person living with disabilities in the financial year 2013/2014 so that to enable others benefit from the
    same funds.

    Omaria said the funds should be revolving to enable other groups get the same funds. He revealed that since 2017 there is no disbursement of the same funds to groups and no sensitization to groups that are the beneficiary have taken place.

    Responding to the allegation the CEC in charge of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism Agree Chemonges said the docket faced challenges in ensuring the groups refund the said revolving funds
    after politicians interfered with the program where they incited members not to refund the money saying it was free money from the county government.

    On why rescue center was not operational, Chemonges stated that there was no way the rescue center could be operational while it has not been gazetted. He said after the gazettment that will take place soon, the center will need professional caretakers who will manage the street
    children both boys and girls separately.

    Chemonges revealed that one’s its gazetted the center will ensure street children gets skills to enable them move with lives as others will be taken to school. He said the relief program has not been taking place due to the failure of the refund of the revolving funds from the
    groups and delay from treasury.He said the new board will be created soon to follow up loan recovery.


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