Kitale Journalist plants trees to restore green environment.

    Kitale Press Organization KIPO Members planting trees in Kitale National Museum

    Members of the forth estate in Trans Nzoia County under their umbrella of Kitale Press Organization (KIPO) with partnership with Kitale National Museum have taken a preventive measures apart from reporting to plant both indigenous and exotic tress to preserve the environment.

    Journalist who joined the Kitale National Museum planted more than 500 tree seedlings. They said that they will keep on sensitizing the public on the importance of green environment.

    ‘’We will partner with all stakeholders who are willing to work with us to ensure the county which is the food basket of Kenya is green to attract rain’’ said    Godricks Wanyonyi.

    The delay of rain in Trans Nzoia County this year among other counties that are known in farming will affect the produce following the late rain. KIPO secretary Emmanuel Tarus said most forests that can help attract rain have been destroyed and there is need for those with huge land to replant more trees.

    Part of Kitale National Museum was taken back from the hands of grabbers after the intervention of the National Land Commission. KIPO Members promised to plan more trees in Museum as a way of restoring its nature.

    The Western Regional Coordinator of the National Museum Mr.Daniel Mitei said 20,000 tree seedlings were planted on part of the land that was taken back. He said the Museum was joyful to work with Journalist to restore the green environment.

    The Museum curator Mr.Chole Kisili appreciated the KIPO members for the bold step apart from just reporting negative story on environment.


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