KNUT Trans Nzoia Branch Warns Education CS Prof.Magoha.

    Education CS Prof.George Magoha.

    The Kenya National Union of Teachers Trans Nzoia branch has warned the education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha for implementing Competent Based Curriculum (CBC) without consultation.

    Speaking to press in Kitale on Monday, the KNUT Executive Secretary Dickson Okema said teachers were not involved for their input and therefore they will not attend a 4 day training of teachers in preparation for the new curriculum.

    He said the few teachers from each school are picked for training of the new curriculum posing dangers to pupils if the same teachers may go for Transfer’’ Now you are picking two to three teachers per School what if they go for transfer, you could have consulted with all stakeholders first before jumping into the conclusion of the new curriculum’’ said Okema.

    Okema also warned the government from deducting teacher’s salary in the name of constructing houses. He said if they try the Union will mobilize all teachers across the county to down their tools and close all schools.

     He narrated to press how the government lost billion shillings in procuring tablets for the programs that did not succeed as expected challenging the government to increase their salary with 100% then deduct the said percentage.

    Okema’s sentiments were supported by the KNUT Chairman George Wanjala, Vice Chairman Andrew Wanjala and KNUT Women representative Jane Muricho who accused the Cabinet Secretary for rushing with the implementation.

    George Wanjala said the intention of the former education CS Amina Mohamad to shelf the new curriculum was right and that’s why may be she was transferred from the docket.

    Wanjala revealed that even trainers themselves are not skilled to train others teachers. Teachers were asked to cater for their food and transport.


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