Moi and the late Biwot’s family Lose the land.

Kenyan retired President Daniel Moi and his former Cabinet Secretary,the late Nicholas Biwot.

The retired Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi and the late Nicholas Biwott’s family have lost five parcels of land in Eldoret Town.                         

Justice Anthony Ombwayo said the parcels where the High Court in Eldoret stands as well as the fire station, an Administration Police camp and the district hospital were not available for alienation as they were public property.

Justice Ombwayo stated that the creation and registration of a charge over those parcels was null and void and that the registration of Lima Limited as the lessee stands cancelled. The judge also said the titles held by Lima limited were null and void.

The hospital, the High Court, the fire station and the AP camp still occupy the same parcels, the Judiciary took over some of the houses and put up the Children’s Court and the Environment and Land Court.

The EACC moved to court challenging the title issued to Lima Ltd saying its allocation between 1995 and 1998 was illegal.

The case was filed in Court 2006 by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.


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