Sinoko primary school in Cheranganyi, disaster in waiting.

    Over 1,650 pupils of Sinoko Primary School in Cherangany outside their classes.

    The Teachers Service Commission has been urged to staff under staffed
    public schools to enhance academic performance.

    The Sinoko Primary School head teacher in Cheranganyi Constituency Trans Nzoia County Mr Herbert Chemei said the huge number of pupil’s ratio per teacher over whelms teachers.

    Mr.Chemei said the school has a high population of learners over 1650 and only 22 TSC teachers caters for the pupils situation he said it’s tough to handle.

    He said the competency Based curriculum would be beneficial and relevant if all the stakeholders will support it from the pupils, parents, teachers and the government.

    Sinoko primary pupils outside the outdated classrooms

    Chemei challenged parents to ensure their children have birth certificates in
    order to ease the burden of the head teachers saying majority of parent’s needs
    sensitization on the importance of registering their children’s after birth.

    The Board of Management Chair Mr. Moses Wanjala, urged the government and other
    stakeholders to come up and rescue the school which they said is the only
    available public school in the area’’  Mrs Mary Magadaline and Mrs Ruth Kisaka who are parents here, they are trying to help this school move and we need more, some of the semi-permanent buildings were constructed in 1975  and this is a disaster in waiting if we don’t get assistance’’ said Wanjala. Mr. Wanjala said the skyrocketing population was also posing great health challenges to the learners with each classroom accommodating an average of 100 pupils, which he said it is above the required education standard.


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