Why Kitale boda boda riders demonstrated over the county government

Kitale Boda boda at the County Hindquarter's gate after demonstration.

Boda boda services in Kitale town was paralyzed on Monday from morning to 2pm as they carried out peaceful demonstration to the county government headquarters over poor leadership from their own Boda boda team which has a representation in the county government, harassment from new enforcement officers and monthly tax which has two different parking tickets.

According to Elijah Wafula a boda boda rider, they accused their Chairman one Mr.Ombima who has overstayed in office for poor leadership and misrepresenting them in the county government.

They also accused the county government for employing boda boda as the reinforcement officers without taking them for training to understand their line of duty and how to handle those who defy the county law.

Wafula added that the new enforcement officers have been harassing the boda boda as they demand above ksh500 for anyone who has no parking ticket or expired one before they take away the motorbike for more repercussion something that has not gone well with them.

They further accused the county government for producing two different packing tickets as one reads Jambo Pay and another one County government raising questions on revenue department.

Motorbike seasonal parking sticker by Jambo Pay
Motor cycle Monthly Parking ticket by County government of Trans Nzoia.

Few months ago the county government employed several boda boda to help enforce the county law on revenue collection.

They have been paying zero revenue until early this year it’s when the county government introduced Ksh 300 monthly parking ticket for motorbike which is equivalent to only Ksh10 per day.

They now want to pay Ksh500 per year the proposal that may not be fruitful for the county government to accept.

A source to Cloud Digital Media said the demonstration was sponsored to frustrate Governor Patrick Khaemba’s administration by his opponents.

An officer from the county government said paying parking monthly fee is a must and no one should ran away from paying tax.


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